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We care about both the environment and your wallet
We sell reconditioned computers. By purchasing a remanufactured computer not only do you save money but also contribute to a cleaner environment. Please read below for details of our services and machine conditions.

Computer conditions

New computers
Brand new with full warranty, usually with damaged packaging

Foreign computers
Foreign computers with foreign keyboards. We also provide stickers with the Swedish layout.

Computers has been used as a demo at trade shows, exhibitions or similar use.

Price Shock
Computers with shocking low prices may have been damaged in transport and come with or without warranty.

Reconditioned computers
Our reconditioned computers come directly from the manufacturers. They are computers that have been found faulty on delivery and have been repaired by the manufacturer. They are as good as new and fully functional.

Each of our reconditioned computers comes with an original operating system, the Swedish keyboard and with at least 6 months warranty.

"Sign of use"
Our "Sign of use" computers have been used for some time and been restored by the manufacturers. They may have some imperfections such as scratches but are fully functional and also come with a 6-month warranty. This class of computer can also include older models running Windows Vista. We classify sign of use computers in three groups A, B and C. Class A is almost as good as new but with minor scratch. Class B resembles slightly visible traces of use. Class C resembles noticable use.

Frequently asked questions

Question: Why does Windows claim that this software is not genuine?
Answer: In some rare cases, our reconditioned computers need their Windows to be re-activated. The original Microsoft license key can allways be found on the bottom of the computer. To re-activace please use the tools available in your Windows Control Panel. Contact us if you need more help with this issue.

Question: How does the warranty for reconditioned computers?
Answer: See list below for a particular manufacturer's warranty routine.

For warranty issues please contact Asus Sweden by phone: 08-58769407. Asus provides a pickup service and pays for the freight both ways if your computer needs to be submitted.

For warranty contact EL Green on tel: 08-55614880 or email info@elgreen.se